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Quandaries In The Grass: What To Do When You Need To Get Sod

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When you are faced with the problem of growing your own grass or buying sod, clearly buying sod for smaller areas is a reasonably good choice. Sod covers an area with fresh grass quickly, and it does not take very long to take root in your yard or field. However, you may be faced with some quandaries in the grass business. Here are those issues and how to solve them.

Sod Pick Up

Some sod farms charge a great price on sod, even on smaller batches of the stuff. The problem is that these sod farms typically do not deliver, and that is why they can offer sod at a great price. They have no delivery fees or delivery overhead. That leaves it up to you to pick up the sod, and if you do not have a truck that you do not mind getting particularly dirty, you are out of luck. Renting a truck really is not an option either, since once you add that into the cost of the sod, you may as well buy the sod from a farm that does deliver. If you can borrow a friend's truck, that is probably your best option.

Sod Delivery

Sod delivery is very convenient, albeit a little more expensive. However, most sod farms that deliver the sod often install it or roll it out for you as well. The cost of installation may be rolled into the delivery fees, or it may be a separate charge. (Be sure to ask the sod farm what they charge for various services before you make a purchase.) All in all, it is still worth the fees, especially if you do not have a truck of your own to pick up sod and you do not know anyone with a truck who can help you pick up the sod from another farm.

Larger Orders of Sod

Here is something else to consider. Larger orders of sod will fill more than a standard pick-up truck. For that, you may actually want a sod farm that delivers, such as B & B Hoffman Sod Farms. If it is any consolation with regards to the delivery charges, there are sod delivery farms that offer a discount on delivery if you purchase a bulk amount of sod. This may or may not be an advertised offering, so be sure to ask the sod farm if they offer any special deals or discounts on delivery with the purchase of a large sod order.