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3 Reasons Probiotic Cattle Feed Is Important For Cows While Pregnant

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Whether you are in the business of harvesting milk or you raise calves for selling as they are born, one of the most important things you can do is keep your expecting cows in a healthy condition. The healthier your cows are when they are with calf, the healthier their calves will be when they are born. Because of this, feeding them a high-quality probiotic cattle feed is a good measure. If you have always gone for regular grain or corn instead of formulated cattle feed, it is a good idea to switch. Here's a look at some of the reasons probiotic cattle feed is good for cows with calves. 

Keep the intestinal tract of the cow healthy so the calf gets proper nutrients. 

When the cow is with calf, what she eats, of course, relays nutrition to her unborn calf. However, a lot of the nutrition from cattle feed is not absorbed until the food makes its way through the cow's intestinal tract. If the food eaten is unhealthy with minimal nutritive value, the calf will not get what they need. But cattle feed with probiotics is specifically formulated to support the healthy intestinal tract of the cow, so not only does the calf get proper nutrition from the food, the cow's intestinal tract is healthy enough to absorb all those vital nutrients. 

Give the calf a healthy start at life before it is even born. 

A calf born to a cow that is not healthy because of a lacking diet can be born with major problems like scours and vitamin deficiencies. Unfortunately, these issues are quite common when the pregnant cows are given regular feed that is lacking real nutritive value. Because probiotic cattle feed gives a healthy dose of healthy microbes and nutritive ingredients, the calf gets a healthy start at life so you are not left nursing the bovine back to health from the moment it is born. 

Ensure the calf has the basis for healthy milk production later on. 

When the cow gives birth to her calf and milk production begins, you want that milk to be as healthy as possible for the good of the calf. A substantial level of milk quality relies on the underlying health of the cow when the calf is in utero. By providing the cow with a rich diet of probiotic food, you are ensuring that cow has what they need to develop healthy milk reserves later on when the calf is birthed.